The Blood of Misty Harbour

Two lovers encounter dark and sordid family secrets. Cultists attempt to summon their demonic patron. The boundaries between life and death are despoiled, time and again. These events set in motion a three-episode Monsterhearts mini-series. Each episode introduces new pre-generated characters to play, each entangled in their own drama and desires. These episodes are designed for exactly four people (including an MC), though it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same four people playing each episode. The episodes each run 3-4 hours in length. They contain starting events, questions that you play to find the answers to, webs of possible secrets, and a couple of pre-scripted Menaces. Each episode is designed to demonstrate the game’s Principles in action. The characters for all three episodes can be downloaded here (in addition to being included in the book): Misty Harbour characters

Misty Harbour

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