Available To Run

Transformative Story & Play
A 2-3 day intensive exploring how tabletop roleplaying games work, how to bring them to your community, and their potential for personal and collective transformation. Participants will play several groundbreaking games, as well as developing game-hosting skills and critical insights into the power of immersive roleplaying. Designed for a mixed group of service providers and new enthusiasts. Originally presented as Liberatory Story & Play (Tatamagouche Centre, Nov 2017). Very happy to adjust the length and focus for the needs of new groups.

Play & Insight: The Quiet Year
A 3-6 hour interactive presentation. Bringing forward participants from the audience, I lead people through playing The Quiet Year, my map-drawing game about a year of community revitalization after the collapse of civilization. Between seasons of play, I share anecdotes and principles that shaped the design of the game, as well as facilitating back-and-forth discussion about best practices in game design. I have run a similar presentation with another game I designed, and am excited to use the format to explore The Quiet Year with game designers, design students, and anyone engaged in the work of building community.

New Workshops
I love connecting with new communities and figuring out how to build and cross-apply our skills. If there’s a workshop or program you’d like to see at the intersection of roleplaying games, personal narrative, healing, and community development then I would be delighted to design and run it for your group. I work on a personalized sliding-scale, adjusted to the needs and resources of each organization. If you have an idea, let’s talk!

I can be reached via email at alder.avery at gmail.


Past Work

Liberatory Story & Play (Nov 2017)
A three-day intensive that took place at the Tatamagouche Centre in Nova Scotia. Eighteen participants dove into new roleplaying games, learned how to run and also host games, developed some critical insights into the transformative power of games, and explored techniques for adapting roleplaying games to different settings and curriculum.

Beyond the Hero Form (Oct 2017)
Presented at DePaul University, I gave an hour-long talk on how our narrative models reflect worldviews and politics, and how we can design tabletop roleplaying games that challenge us to pay attention to and subvert those models. A mixture of literary theory and a survey of over a dozen innovative games that break the mold.

Panel: Queering Games (Oct 2017)
As part of GauntletCon, I participated in an hour-long panel with River Williamson and Richard Ruane. We talked about queer representation, queer embodiment, and queer mechanics in tabletop roleplaying games.

Designing For Empathy (Oct 2014)
This workshop was made possible by Possibilities Calgary, and was first put on in October 2014. The workshop gets participants to think critically about the role games can play in fostering empathy, and gets them started on their own collaborative game design projects.

We’ve Been Stranger Things (Oct 2014)
We’ve Been Stranger Things was a keynote given at the 2014 Probabilities queer gaming marathon, put on by Possibilities Calgary. The talk was about identity, impossibility, and adopting the mantle of monstrosity.

Imagining Ourselves (Aug 2014)
Imagining Ourselves asked the question: if representation isn’t enough, how do we queer games? This talk was given in Malmö, as part of the Nörd på pride event series during Malmö Pride.

Beyond Representation: Queer Mechanics in Tabletop Games (Oct 2013)
This talk was given by myself and Joli St. Patrick at Queerness & Games 2013. I went on to develop these same ideas further and present again under the name “Imagining Ourselves.”

Literally Hacking Games (Oct 2013)
Literally Hacking Games was an evening of game design mayhem, transpiring in October 2013. Thanks to Sean Buckley and Leisure Games for making this event possible.

Imaginary Funerals (2009)
A blog post about how roleplaying games create experiences which we are free to reflect upon or to simply bury without ceremony.