An image of a crumbling city, with survivors gathered in the rubble to stare up at the yellow-green sky.

Dream Askew is a game about queer community amidst the apocalypse. It gives us ruined buildings, haunted faces, strange new psychic powers, fierce queer love, and turbulent skies, asking “What do you do next?”

A bustling market in a Jewish shtetl. Nearby, an angelic being hovers on a rooftop. Its wings have many glistening eyes, and it is wreathed with a halo of fire.

Dream Apart gives us demons and wedding jesters; betrothals and pogroms; mystical ascensions and accusations of murder; rabbi’s daughters running away to be actresses or bandits or boy soldiers; the sounds of the shofar ringing through cramped and muddy streets, of cannon fire, of the wolf’s footfalls in the snowy pine forest; asking “What do you do next?”

Three spooky teenagers stand in front of a blood-red moon.

Monsterhearts 2 lets you and your friends create stories about sexy monsters, teenage angst, personal horror, and secret love triangles. When you play, you explore the terror and confusion of having a body that is changing without your permission.

A picture of an abandoned lighthouse next to the icons of the four playing card suits.

The Quiet Year is a map game. You define the struggles of a post-apocalyptic community, and attempt to build something good within their quiet year. Every decision and every action is set against a backdrop of dwindling time and rising concern.

Ribbon Drive

Ribbon Drive is a game about road trips, music, and self-discovery. Our ultimate goal is to create a thought-provoking, meaningful experience. We let the music guide us. We let the road throw us curves.


Perfect Unrevised is a game about criminals within a Dark Victorian dystopia. It’s about what makes them tick, the crimes they commit, the goals they strive for, and the persecution they may well face.