A picture of a post-apocalyptic city. One figure with all-white eyes stares forward. Two lovers stand nearby, one with a gun in hand. On the distance, a large figure stands watch with a baseball bat.

Queer strife amid the collapse.
Collaboratively generate an apocalyptic setting.
For 3-6 players across 3-4 hours.

By Avery Alder

Dream Askew gives us ruined buildings, haunted faces, strange new psychic powers, fierce queer love, and turbulent skies, asking “What do you do next?”

Imagine that the collapse of civilization didn’t happen everywhere at the same time. Instead, it’s happening in waves. Every day, more people fall out of the society intact. We queers were always living in the margins of that society, finding solidarity, love, and meaning in the strangest of places. Apocalypse didn’t come for us first, but it did come for us.

Gangs roam the apocalyptic wasteland, and scarcity is becoming the norm. The world is getting scarier, and just beyond our everyday perception, howling and hungry, there exists a psychic maelstrom.

We banded together to form a queer enclave – a place to live, sleep, and hopefully heal. More than ever before, each of us is responsible for the survival and fate of our community. What lies in the rubble? For this queer enclave, could it be utopia?

A picture of two queer lovers in a gritty black and white style. One holds a gun, and another has a hook for a hand.

Dream Askew is a game of belonging outside belonging.

It is going to be released as a split book with Dream Apart. The Kickstarter will drop May 15.

You can download the current playtest kit here.