My name is Avery Alder. I wrote Monsterhearts, Ribbon Drive, Dream Askew, and The Quiet Year.



I have a few principles that I follow, in my game designs.

My designs are meaningful and thoughtful. 
Even the simplest and smallest among them are designed to provoke meaning.

My designs are simple and shareable.
They are easy to teach and can be played within one or two sessions.

My designs are near and dear to my heart.
You can discern my secret self through them.


I believe a few things pretty seriously:
We are strongly moved by and informed by stories.
Stories unify communities.
Stories reveal who we are.

The beautiful thing is that we don’t owe stories anything, meaning we are free to create them, explore them, deconstruct them and learn from them as we see fit. We are free to draw from them only what we want and need, and to leave them afterward. There is a certain joy to this freedom, which I summarize as a freedom to “bury without ceremony”.


Who are these games for? They’re for dreamers and thinkers, for people wanting to fasten reins to their curiosity and imagination. They’re for those who play passionately, who take stories by the throat. They’re for gamers, actors, pretenders, explorers and the curious.


You can reach me at alder.avery at gmail.