Liberatory Story & Play (Tatamagouche Centre, Nov 2017)

Discovering possibility through play.

Eighteen people came out to my weekend-long intensive at the beautiful Tatamagouche Centre, exploring how roleplaying games work, where their transformative potential lies, and how to adapt them for community and collective work.

The program included a mixture of skill-building, diving into new roleplaying games and actually making stories together, critical theory, dialogue about how to apply these ideas in new settings, and resource-sharing. You can find the seven-page outline and ten-page resource list here. You can see more photos of the space and program here.

While I have been making extensive notes about how to develop and refine the program for future runs, I feel really proud of my facilitation! People left feeling inspired, equipped, and in some cases even healed. Also everyone laughed lots at the weird stories they made. If you’d like to bring me out to run a similar workshop for your group, please reach out to me!


“I’ve been playing table-top RPGs for decades, but I can honestly say I walked away from last weekend with a whole new recognition and respect for their potential as therapeutic tools, community-builders, safe playgrounds for self-discovery, and implements for social change.  I found your intensive educational, boundary-expanding, enlightening, confidence-building, and frequently hilarious!”

(graphic facilitation courtesy of Rena Kulczycki)