Emerging Designers Mentorship Program


My name is Avery Alder, and I design games under the imprint of Buried Without Ceremony. I’ve decided that moving into the new year I want to be offering game design mentorships to emerging designers. I’ve been designing and independently publishing games for almost a dozen years, and along the way I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills. I’m excited about sharing that knowledge with others!

If you’re interested in mentorship and dialogue on a creative project you’re working on, fill out this form! I’ll be taking submissions on a rolling basis, but the first mentorship(s) will be chosen in early January. If you’re chosen, expect 1-3 hours a month of feedback, critique, excited ideas, and sounding board, over whatever combination of email and skype suits you best. It’s free, and mentorships go on as long as we jive and the project needs support.

(Disclosure: I receive ongoing community funding for my work, via the Goblin Friendship Club.)

“Avery is a brilliant game designer and her feedback is invaluable. She has offered detailed and actionable critiques of my current project (Circles of Power), both to address the complex social issues associated with the game and the mechanical systems it uses. Her design consultancy is worth it’s weight in gold.”
-Jason Pitre, Genesis of Legend Publishing


“Early on in developing my game, The Warren, I was wrestling with a design problem and sought out Avery’s advice. She took the time to understand my design goals and then worked with me to develop a much better solution. You couldn’t ask for a better mentor.”
-Marshall Miller, author of The Warren


“Avery’s affirming, precise feedback gave us the courage to alter a core mechanic of our game, which turned out to be exactly what we needed. Despite our inexperience, she took us and our game seriously while providing specific and wise critique.”
-Amber Gilchrist and Elizabeth Bellisario

Due to an amazing response to this offer (67 applications in two days!), I’m pressing pause on taking any new applications, until I can read and respond to these ones. Thanks, everyone!