Dear Diary Extras

This page holds additional materials to compliment the Dear Diary design zine.

Design Reflections

I put together a survey about Monsterhearts, as I was assessing whether to jump into designing a second edition. 767 people responded! Afterwards, I created a seventeen-page presentation about the results. You can find it here.

I wrote more extensively about the goal of streamlining and refining, rather than adding bulk and novelty, over here.

Public consultation on the asexuality rules can be found here.

I wrote a tiny bit about the choice to bring on collaborators to write on race and racism here.


I was interviewed about the new edition by Brie Larson here.

The game was profiled and I was interviewed by Gnome Stew here.

I was interviewed by The Guardian about Monsterhearts, how it came to be inspired by Twilight, and why it’s important to write for queer teens. Read it here.

I did a podcast interview with Alex on Backstory during the Monsterhearts 2 kickstarter, and we talked about it as well as many other things. Listen here.

I did a podcast interview with Rich on +1 Forward, which included an example of actual play. You can listen to it here.