Talks & Workshops

Literally Hacking Games (Oct 2013)

Literally Hacking Games was an evening of game design mayhem, transpiring in October 2013. Thanks to Sean Buckley and Leisure Games for making this event possible.


Beyond Representation: Queer Mechanics in Tabletop Games (Oct 2013)

This talk was given by myself and Joli St. Patrick at Queerness & Games 2013. I went on to develop these same ideas further and present again under the name “Imagining Ourselves.”


Imagining Ourselves (Aug 2014)

Imagining Ourselves asked the question: if representation isn’t enough, how do we queer games? This talk was given in Malmö, as part of the Nörd på pride event series during Malmö Pride.


Designing Emotional Landscapes (Sept 2014)

Designing Emotional Landscapes was a presentation given at FanExpo 2014. The talk addressed sincere emotional play, and the pitfalls we need to avoid in seeking it out.


We’ve Been Stranger Things (Oct 2014)

We’ve Been Stranger Things was a keynote given at the 2014 Probabilities queer gaming marathon, put on by Possibilities Calgary. The talk was about identity, impossibility, and adopting the mantle of monstrosity.


Designing For Empathy (Oct 2014)

This workshop was made possible by Possibilities Calgary, and was first put on in October 2014. The workshop gets participants to think critically about the role games can play in fostering empathy, and gets them started on their own collaborative game design projects.


Imaginary Funerals (2009)

A blog post about how roleplaying games create experiences which we are free to reflect upon or to simply bury without ceremony.