Beyond Representation

Beyond Representation: Queer mechanics in tabletop games

by Joli St Patrick and Avery Alder

This page contains notes and links for a talk given at the Queerness & Games Convention (2013).

The talk outline can be found here.

Video footage of the talk can be found here. Note that our audio is very inconsistent – I forgot to tell our video-taker where the microphone was on my phone, and so for portions of the video it’s covered and the sound is heavily distorted. I did my best to fix it in editing, but it definitely fluctuates in sound quality.

Games mentioned during our talk:

Exalted is a mythic fantasy game about demigod heroes and their adventures. (we don’t particularly recommend it.)

Dog Eat Dog is a game about colonialism and assimilation in the Pacific Islands.

Palladium Fantasy is a traditional fantasy adventure game. (we don’t particularly recommend it.)

Dogs in the Vineyard is a game set in the settler-colonial west, about religiously-appointed adolescents riding between town, delivering the mail and judging sin.

Hugpunx is a digital game about hugs, joy, and the queer dream.

Apocalypse World is a game about post-apocalyptic badasses and the communities they care about.

Monsterhearts is a game about teenage monsters and their messy lives.

Silver & White is a game about four suburban teenagers encountering the mystery that will share their lives. (not currently available.)

The Tavern is a game about quiet moments that exist between the customers, staff, and food of a neighborhood pub. (not currently available; co-designed by Joanna & Graham Walmsley.)

Hot Guys Making Out is about the nascent relationship between two beautiful men, set against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War.

Superhero is a game about Superhero, the man with a high-powered rifle and burnt-out car.

Cry$tal Warrior Ke$ha is a digital game about Ke$ha, haters, and the righteous world-changing powers of crystal pop music.

Joli St Patrick’s site is Gently Press.