Literally Hacking Games

It happened on October 15th, 2013.

We gathered at Leisure Games, pushed the display racks out of the way, and pulled the tables together in the middle of the store. We had a giant crate of roleplaying game texts – some beloved, some ridiculed. We warmed up the photocopier, distributed scissors and glue sticks, and set about our task – – Iiterally hacking games.

The event was an experiment first proposed by Sean Buckley, presented and hosted by Sean and Joe Mcdaldno. The goal was just to have fun, to see what happened, and to remind people that game-making is for everyone. The evening was a delight and a success – people went home with ribs sore from laughter, brains sore from their weird and frantic task. The tables and floor were littered with little scraps of paper, the air thick with creative energy. The atmosphere in the shop was delightful. People were giggling away, working on nonsense projects, occasionally calling out phrases like, “I need some instructions for when to roll dice. Does anyone have some text on dice-rolling?”

From that evening comes this document – Literally Hacking Games