The Year of Zoom

A figure walks toward an abandoned windmill in a post-civilization sketch.

It’s been a year of pandemic, blazing fires, and social unrest. Sometimes, it feels like the world as we know it is on the verge of collapse. The Quiet Year is a game that is deeply curious about what happens next. But ironically, even though it feels more relevant than ever, social distancing and other physical obstacles are introducing new barriers to play. It’s becoming important to find more tools to play digitally.

Emily Weerts is a facilitator who uses Zoom as part of her practice, and she has put together a guide to playing The Quiet Year on that platform. If you want to try out a game of The Quiet Year over Zoom, you can check out her thorough guide here. She has also created an example of the shared document you might create together for play, which you can see here.

Emily offers facilitation, consulting, and other services through Wildly Supportive.

Interested in other methods of playing The Quiet Year online? You can also check out the Roll20 module.