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A large crowd is shown in black and white.

How to Spotlight an Indie Creator

I’ve had the generous fortune of having my tabletop roleplaying games featured by a number of high-profile review sites and content creators. Critical Role played Monsterhearts. The Adventure Zone played The Quiet Year, and so did Friends at the Table. When ButterflyAstrophysics talked about Variations on Your Body on TikTok, sales blew up. Those experiences […]
A pile of scattered character sheets for the roleplaying game Dream Askew.

Imaginary Funerals

This post is an attempt to sketch why story games are significant to me. Before I do that, a quick breakdown of the term: story games are tools we use to have fun, tell stories and roleplay. They use rules (many centered around chance) and structures to guide players to the same creative page, and to shake things up […]